2-Rothmans NYC_Exterior Show Window

Rothmans New York

LMA worked with founder Harry Rothman’s grandsons to recapture this venerable store’s heritage while bringing it into the 21st century. The original brick piers and tile floor were revealed and concrete beams, sprinklers and ducts exposed to create an iconic downtown New York space. Triple-height hang rails hark back to the no-nonsense warehouse feel of the first Rothmans store while found display fixtures provide warmth and texture.

Location:   New York, NY
Size: 10,300 sq ft
Photos:         Eric Laignel
3-Rothmans NYC_Mannequin
7-Rothmans NYC_Stair
6-Rothmans NYC_Suits
8-Rothmans NYC_Lower Level
1-Rothmans NYC_Exterior Corner